Age of Kill (2015) movie tt3220528 Age of Kill 2015 search searchsd A black ops sniper is blackmailed by a psychotic international terrorist into killing 6 unrelated people in 6 hours... but there is more to the victims than meets the eye. Hampstead (2017) movie tt5153236 Hampstead 2017 search searchsd Emily Walters is an American widow living a peaceful, uneventful existence in the idyllic Hampstead Village of London, when she meets a local recluse, Donald Horner. For 17 years, Donald has lived—wildly yet peacefully—in a ramshackle hut near the edge of the forest. When Emily learns his home is the target of developers who will stop at nothing to remove him, saving Donald and his property becomes her personal mission. Despite his gruff exterior and polite refusals for help, Emily is drawn to him—as he is to her—and what begins as a charitable cause evolves into a relationship that will grow even as the bulldozers close in. Trespass Against Us (2016) movie tt3305308 Trespass Against Us 2016 search searchsd Three generations of the rowdy Cutler family live as outlaws in some of Britain's richest countryside – hunting hares, ram-raiding stately homes, and taunting the police. Struggling to retain a way of life fast becoming extinct, Chad Cutler ends up caught between his father's archaic principles and trying to do right by his kids, whilst the full force of the law is finally catching up with him. Eden Lake (2008) movie tt1020530 Eden Lake 2008 search searchsd Eden Lake is a relentlessly tense and immaculately paced horror-thriller about modern youth gone wild. When a young couple goes to a remote wooded lake for a romantic getaway, their quiet weekend is shattered by an aggressive group of local kids. Rowdiness quickly turns to rage as the teens terrorize the couple in unimaginable ways, and a weekend outing becomes a bloody battle for survival. Last Orders (2001) movie tt0253200 Last Orders 2001 search searchsd Jack Dodd was a London butcher who enjoyed a pint with his mates for over 50 years. When he died, he died as he lived, with a smile on his face watching a horse race on which he had bet, with borrowed money. But before he died he had a final request, 'Last Orders', that his ashes be scattered in the sea at Margate. The movie follows his mates, Ray, Lenny and Vic and his foster son Vince as they journey to the sea with the ashes. Along the way, the threads of their lives, their loves and their disappointments are woven together in their memories of Jack and his wife Amy Brighton Rock (2010) movie tt1233192 Brighton Rock 2010 search searchsd Charts the headlong fall of Pinkie, a razor-wielding disadvantaged teenager with a religious death wish. The Near Room (1995) movie tt0113943 The Near Room 1995 search searchsd Charlie Colquhoun is a journalist whose career is floundering. As a teenager, he fathered a daughter, Tommy, who was committed to foster care as an infant. Seventeen years later, Charlie, Tommy and Charlie's old schoolmate Harris Hill, now a squeaky-clean solicitor, are reunited by a scandal that includes child pornography, blackmail and murder. Starter for 10 (2006) movie tt0477095 Starter for 10 2006 search searchsd In 1985, against the backdrop of Thatcherism, Brian Jackson enrolls in the University of Bristol, a scholarship boy from seaside Essex with a love of knowledge for its own sake and a childhood spent watching "University Challenge," a college quiz show. At Bristol he tries out for the Challenge team and falls under the spell of Alice, a lovely blond with an extensive sexual past. The Imitation Game (2014) movie tt2084970 The Imitation Game 2014 search searchsd Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the film portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain's top-secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II. The Theory of Everything (2014) movie tt2980516 The Theory of Everything 2014 search searchsd The Theory of Everything is the extraordinary story of one of the world’s greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. The Iron Lady (2011) movie tt1007029 The Iron Lady 2011 search searchsd A look at the life of Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, with a focus on the price she paid for power. The Lady in the Van (2015) movie tt3722070 The Lady in the Van 2015 search searchsd The true story of the relationship between Alan Bennett and the singular Miss Shepherd, a woman of uncertain origins who ‘temporarily’ parked her van in Bennett’s London driveway and proceeded to live there for 15 years. Keeping Mum (2005) movie tt0444653 Keeping Mum 2005 search searchsd A pastor preoccupied with writing the perfect sermon fails to realize that his wife is having an affair and his children are up to no good. The 51st State (2001) movie tt0227984 The 51st State 2001 search searchsd Elmo McElroy is a streetwise American master chemist who heads to England to sell his special new formula - a powerful, blue concoction guaranteed to take you to 'the 51st state.' McElroy's new product delivers a feeling 51 times more powerful than any thrill, any pleasure, any high in history. But his plans for a quick, profitable score go comically awry when he gets stuck in Liverpool with an unlikely escort and his ex-girlfriend and becomes entangled in a bizarre web of double-dealing and double-crosses. Gold (2014) movie tt3134422 Gold 2014 search searchsd An offbeat comedy about an estranged father who returns to his hometown after an absence of ten years in order to reconnect with his daughter and ex-wife but unwittingly finds himself responsible for almost destroying all their lives. Dom Hemingway (2013) movie tt2402105 Dom Hemingway 2013 search searchsd After spending 12 years in prison for keeping his mouth shut, notorious safe-cracker Dom Hemingway is back on the streets of London looking to collect what he's owed. Fish Tank (2009) movie tt1232776 Fish Tank (2009) 2009 search searchsd Everything changes for 15 year old Mia when her mum brings home a new boyfriend. The Disappeared (2008) movie tt1094295 The Disappeared 2008 search searchsd Following the disappearance of his younger brother Tom, Matthew Ryan tries to put his life and sanity back together. However the past keeps coming back to haunt him. Fool's Gold: The Story of the Brink's-Mat Robbery (1992) movie tt0104286 Fool's Gold: The Story of the Brink's-Mat Robbery 1992 search searchsd A dramatized speculation of what happened in November 1983 when Micky McAvoy and some of his mates planned a heist and were surprised when they discovered they'd stumbled across a large stash of gold. But getting the gold away without getting caught is only the beginning of their troubles. Realizing the riches the gold represents is difficult, and honor among thieves may only be a myth. When Saturday Comes (1996) movie tt0114917 When Saturday Comes 1996 search searchsd Jimmy Muir comes from a typical gritty, northern town where there are only two options: working down the pit or in a factory. But Jimmy has other ideas - he dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Confronted by a bitter and unsupportive father, hard drinking friends and a lifetime of bad habits...has Jimmy the will to achieve his ultimate goal? Bravo Two Zero (1999) movie tt0120617 Bravo Two Zero 1999 search searchsd When an elite eight-man British SAS team is dropped behind enemy lines, their mission is clear: take out Saddam Hussein's SCUD missile systems. But when communications are cut and the team finds themselves surrounded by Saddam's army, their only hope is to risk capture and torture in a desperate 185-kilometer run to the Syrian border. Based on the true story of a British Special Forces unit behind enemy lines during the Gulf War, Bravo Two Zero explores the tragedies and triumphs of men taken to the edge of survival in the Persian Gulf War. Wild Target (2010) movie tt1235189 Wild Target 2010 search searchsd Victor Maynard is a middle-aged, solitary assassin, who lives to please his formidable mother, despite his own peerless reputation for lethal efficiency. His professional routine is interrupted when he finds himself drawn to one of his intended victims, Rose. He spares her life, unexpectedly acquiring in the process a young apprentice, Tony. Believing Victor to be a private detective, his two new companions tag along, while he attempts to thwart the murderous attentions of his unhappy client Blow Dry (2001) movie tt0212380 Blow Dry 2001 search searchsd The annual British Hairdressing Championship comes to Keighley, a town where Phil and son Brian run a barbershop and Phil's ex-wife Shelly and her lover Sandra run a beauty salon. Awaydays (2009) movie tt1137436 Awaydays 2009 search searchsd On the Wirral in the grim early years of Margaret Thatcher's premiership, the opportunities for thrill seeking young men looking to escape 9 to 5 drudgery are what they've always been: sex, drugs, rock n' roll, fashion, football and fighting. Green Street (2005) movie tt0385002 Green Street 2005 search searchsd After being wrongfully expelled from Harvard University, American Matt Buckner flees to his sister's home in England. Once there, he is befriended by her charming and dangerous brother-in-law, Pete Dunham, and introduced to the underworld of British football hooliganism. Matt learns to stand his ground through a friendship that develops against the backdrop of this secret and often violent world. 'Green Street Hooligans' is a story of loyalty, trust and the sometimes brutal consequences of living close to the edge. Green Street Hooligans 2 (2009) movie tt1300853 Green Street Hooligans 2 2009 search searchsd When the top players of the Green Street Elite are imprisoned following a deadly battle with their archenemies Millwall every day becomes a fight for survival. On the inside, rival firms and prison guards will stop at nothing to make their lives a living hell, leaving the lads with no choice but to stand their ground and fight. Find out what happens when the two most fearsome and notorious firms Green Street 3: Never Back Down (2013) movie tt2628316 Green Street 3: Never Back Down 2013 search searchsd An old firm leader returns to Green Street for Revanche after receiving a call that his little brother was killed, but is he able to cope with a new type of hooliganism and can he find his killer? Quadrophenia (1979) movie tt0079766 Quadrophenia 1979 search searchsd Based on the 1973 rock opera album of the same name by The Who, this is the story of 60s teenager Jimmy. At work he slaves in a dead-end job. While after, he shops for tailored suits and rides his scooter as part of the London Mod scene. McVicar (1980) movie tt0081144 McVicar 1980 search searchsd John McVicar was a London Bad Boy. he graduated to armed bank robbery and was Britain's "Public Enemy No. 1". He was captured and put into a high security prison. Will even the highest security prison be able to hold him? This is the true story of his life, his criminal exploits and his eventual rehabilitation. Freight (2010) movie tt1376404 Freight 2010 search searchsd A Russian gang operating in Leeds with no respect for the laws of England, traffic Eastern Europeans in containers then enslave them, the women to sex, the men to illegal fights. They cross local businessman Gabe Taylor and a war escalates, but when his daughter is taken to be sold into the sex trade, Gabe fights back. Dead Cert (2010) movie tt1499220 Dead Cert 2010 search searchsd A gang of tough London gangsters get more than they bargained for when a group of businessmen make an offer to buy their club, the Inferno. They turn out to be nothing less than Vampires wanting their land back and turn viciously on the gangsters when their demands are not met. London Heist (2017) movie tt1024855 London Heist 2017 search searchsd Armed robber and career criminal Jack Cregan seeks to discover the truth behind his father's murder and his stolen heist money and in doing so puts his life in danger. The devastation that Jack soon discovers puts his very own existence into question. North v South (2015) movie tt4050596 North v South 2015 search searchsd For decades the criminal underworlds of the North and South bumped along begrudgingly. Like the Cold War, territories were respected out of the necessity to avoid apocalypse, with each side keeping tabs on the other’s capability. Such a precarious false harmony could not last forever. Now someone has crossed the line, and there’s no going back. An illicit love affair smolders, breaking taboo and threatening catastrophe at the smallest mistake. It is a romance of purest, unadulterated love, yet so forbidden that its discovery would wreak total carnage. The story is told through vignettes of strikingly original characters, with intertwining subplots that echo the complexity of life in the dog-eat-dog criminal underworld. Cyberbully (2015) movie tt4135218 Cyberbully 2015 search searchsd A chilling real-time thriller featuring a teenager, Casey, battling with an anonymous cyber-stalker. The Falling (2014) movie tt3294200 The Falling 2014 search searchsd It's 1969 at a strict English girls' school where charismatic Abbie and intense and troubled Lydia are best friends. After a tragedy occurs at the school, a mysterious fainting epidemic breaks out threatening the stability of all involved. Keeping Rosy (2014) movie tt2614700 Keeping Rosy 2014 search searchsd A woman becomes enraged after being passed over for a promotion at her job. Girls' Night (1998) movie tt0119201 Girls' Night 1998 search searchsd Dawn and Jackie, two workers in an electronics factory, have been best friends since childhood and share practically everything. So it is no surprise to anybody when Dawn shares her big bingo win with Jackie. Eventually Dawn discovers the results of her tests and knows for sure that she has terminal cancer. Dawn has always dreamed of going to Las Vegas so, on impulse, Jackie buys the tickets and off they go on one last great adventure together. In Las Vegas they meet the enigmatic Cody who is attracted to Jackie but immediately understands the situation and helps the two friends to enjoy their dream holiday in Las Vegas by taking them on a trip into the desert. The two friends return home for Dawn to make her peace with her friends and family before her ultimate demise. Dawn's death, even though expected, devastates Jackie leaving her friendless and alone, or does it? The Return (2003) movie tt0379471 The Return 2003 search searchsd A former alcoholic returns home after ten years in prison for the murder of her husband. As her recollection of the murder returns, things take a different turn. Intimate Relations (1996) movie tt0116643 Intimate Relations 1996 search searchsd A young merchant marine turns up in an English coastal town looking for a brother he barely knows. When his brother's wife rebukes him he takes up with the Beasley family. However, soon the mother and daughter are chasing and ending up in the man's bed. However, soon both women start showing up at the same time which is a little much for him. Death at a Funeral (2007) movie tt0795368 Death at a Funeral 2007 search searchsd Chaos ensues when a man tries to expose a dark secret regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family. Paranoid (2000) movie tt0197750 Paranoid 2000 search searchsd Chloe Keane is an stressed American fashion model living in London who is about to have the worst weekend of her life. She and her boyfriend are invited to attend a party at the house of a former rock-star named Stan and his weird family who live in the countryside. Chloe awakes the next morning only to find her boyfriend has abandoned her at Stan's house and she has been drugged and handcuffed to the bed. Driving Lessons (2006) movie tt0446687 Driving Lessons 2006 search searchsd A shy teenage boy trying to escape the influence of his domineering mother, has his world changed when he begins to work for a retired actress. Cherrybomb (2009) movie tt1248971 Cherrybomb 2009 search searchsd Cherry Bomb follows teenagers Luke, Malachy, and Michelle as they embark on a wild weekend of drink, drugs, shop-lifting and stealing cars. But what starts out as a game turns deadly serious when the three discover that they can't get off the wild ride they've set in motion. Millions (2004) movie tt0366777 Millions 2004 search searchsd Two boys, still grieving the death of their mother, find themselves the unwitting benefactors of a bag of bank robbery loot in the week before the United Kingdom switches its official currency to the Euro. What's a kid to do? Still Crazy (1998) movie tt0149151 Still Crazy 1998 search searchsd In the seventies Strange Fruit were it. They lived the rock lifestyle to the max, groupies, drugs, internal tension and an ex front man dead from an overdose. Even their demise was glamorous; when lightning struck the stage during an outdoor festival. 20 years on and these former rock gods they have now sunk deep into obscurity when the idea of a reunion tour is lodged in the head of Tony, former keyboard player of the Fruits. Tony sets out to find his former bandmates with the help of former manager Karen to see if they can recapture the magic and give themselves a second chance. [COLOR red][B]NEXT PAGE[/COLOR][/B]